Media and Digital Communications

The Media and Digital Communication section, IR-ECO-PRD, is responsible for the development of CERN’s media and digital multichannel communications strategy. The section works closely with other sections in the group especially for content creation, as well as internal and local communications.


The section is responsible for CERN’s external channels, including:

  • Media relations;
  • CERN’s social media presence;
  • the CERN home website and the dotCERN strategy.


The section’s activities include:

  • Media relations: Act as the first point of contact internally and externally for all media requests; Prepare and distribute media updates and press releases; Organise press conferences and media visits; Provide media monitoring, annual media training and ad-hoc media coaching; Manage crisis communication.
  • Social media: Manage, develop, and monitor CERN’s institutional accounts and presence on social media, including: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Provide guidelines and advice on social media presence for CERN experiments, projects, and teams. 
  • Web activities: Develop, maintain and evolve the CERN home website; Develop CERN-wide tools and services for the CERN community; enforce the CERN web design guidelines to provide consultancy and support for other CERN websites.